If I Fall From Grace

If I fall from grace; I wonder who will pick me back up. I sit realizing that as a strong woman in my own life today; this can sometimes cause issues for me. It has been put in front of me that although I am following my path and doing the very best for...

The CHANGE In My Life Today

I am sitting next to another weekend and the Sunday piece as I ponder what I want to talk about this week. What is coming to mind fairly quickly is CHANGE. I put this in capital letters because of two things. One is that I detest the act as it is happening and the...

My Good Control Is Kicking In

I am sitting here looking at a blank page, wondering where we will go this week. There are so many topics and so little time to cover them all. Well, it looks like I am going to go somewhere deep and full of feeling as I am already avoiding selecting the topic. I so...

My Guilt Became Your Positive

Isn’t it funny or ironic to be exact that even after the time I have clean that my head still likes taking on guilt that is not mine? I shake my head in wonder as another moment becomes a moment in time when I have nothing to feel guilty of yet I sit here...

So You Want To Be A Criminal

This week is going to be very sarcastic and so much fun. I feel very strongly that you (the world) will love it unless you are the butt of this piece; then you (the butt) of this diatribe will have to suck it up. It has come to mind that we have to apply...

The Pain And The Strain

This is going to be a very painful piece to do. It is coming from my toes and through each part of my body to the brain and exits out my head. It is lingering and taking it’s time; stopping at each organ and muscle to make sure it stresses every part of me...
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