I Am My Change Today

Here I sit on Christmas Day and finish on New Year’s Day with more gratitude than I know what to do with. It fills my soul in places I did not even know existed. This year is ending on such a fantastic air I will forever carry it in my heart. When I think...

My Yearly Moment

Here I sit, once again wondering how I got to where I am. Each and every year I come upon the day that my life became whole and free and worthwhile and real and I am humbled beyond my imaginations wildest dreams possible. For a month or so around this upcoming date, I get...

The Woman In My Mirror

The woman in my mirror came with me this very busy and noted summer vaca… from my blog and life of reporting. So many things I can see and even more I cannot see became evident in my soul and life. There are many I will talk about throughout the next few weeks, but...

If I Fall From Grace

If I fall from grace; I wonder who will pick me back up. I sit realizing that as a strong woman in my own life today; this can sometimes cause issues for me. It has been put in front of me that although I am following my path and doing the very best for...

The CHANGE In My Life Today

I am sitting next to another weekend and the Sunday piece as I ponder what I want to talk about this week. What is coming to mind fairly quickly is CHANGE. I put this in capital letters because of two things. One is that I detest the act as it is happening and the...
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