My Marriage Relationship With A Boy

So, after rattling off about thirty things I don’t want to write about this week; I am left with the uncomfortable feeling that this week may have to be about the present. Or relatively present. I have managed to find a way to live easier with some of the past memories; now I get...

Into A New Light

And we begin with today’s topic of conversation. How many times in my life have I reinvented myself? I lost count many moons ago. I was sure when I came into recovery that would end, and apparently I was wrong. I say that because I was sure I could only be wrong twice a...

A Yesterday Now Better

Today I get to be me. Whoever that I is going to be today. Depending on my mood, the goings on in my life or head, the state of my husband, the pets’ moods or anything that can wreak havoc with life. Please don’t get me wrong; because I wake up in the morning...

The Crazy In My Head

Today is about the crazy; the crazy in my head. I have had such big dreams over the years, such big dreams. I had a dream a while back that I won the triathlon. The crazy part of that is that I cannot even commit to twenty minutes three times a week to jog...

To Place In Positive Lights

Let’s start with the easy things to place in positive lights. I am not ready or willing to walk through the harder ones at this time. This too shall pass and we will get there. Of this I am sure. My whole life in active addiction can be positive. On the whole, I believe...

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my world. This is going to be a journey of finding something positive in everything. I truly believe that everything in my life that has ever happened can have something positive in and around it.  It doesn’t matter how bad, painful, or good it was; once I deal with it;...
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