My Thoughts OF My Control

This week I am going to discuss the weird, wonderful and downright wrathful thoughts and processes. The reason is because I seem to have the most shake your head thoughts going on. I am the living and breathing persona of control. What I mean is I have to control everything that has to do...

My Marriage Relationship With A Boy

So, after rattling off about thirty things I don’t want to write about this week; I am left with the uncomfortable feeling that this week may have to be about the present. Or relatively present. I have managed to find a way to live easier with some of the past memories; now I get...

Into A New Light

And we begin with today’s topic of conversation. How many times in my life have I reinvented myself? I lost count many moons ago. I was sure when I came into recovery that would end, and apparently I was wrong. I say that because I was sure I could only be wrong twice a...
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