My Life in Poetry

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So, here it is Sunday and I am at work on a couple of pieces that are just not completed and I wanted to give me the time to end them correctly and with all of my heart in there. I also did not want to miss sending our Sunday meeting of mind and soul, so I have a solution to both. Here are just some of the poems I have written in the last number of years and I am ready to share them with you, my trusted and valued readers.

I hope you enjoy reading the poetry as much I enjoyed writing it over the years.

My Life The Play

I have but way too many posts started and way too few finished. I keep starting and changing mid stream because something will come up that I want to address.

And then, before that tangent moment is over I have already started another one.

And I will comfort, console, and convince myself that this is okay; it is the right way to do these things; it is the way the good plays are made and stay at the ready for the next part or scene that will come about because of what we did today.

You see, in my life I choose and will continue to choose the next chapter in my life, the play.

I will go on selecting the actors and actresses and set the plots to play.

I will do what I think is right and sometimes what I think is wrong just to keep it real, so to speak.

My play of life is very real and candid and full of moments that I can call mine because at the end of the day and I lay in my bed, all that I chose to play a part today were there and read their lines and did their acts and played their parts.

Welcome to the art of my life where I decide a part I will play today; will it be the victim or the rogue?

Will I be the damsel in distress or the happy, but hard ass chick from down the block?

And now I have to set the scene for the act of one or two or maybe there is a whole play today.

Before I lay my head at night though, I must make sure to have ended each scene with a start geared to the next start of day; like the soap operas with their steamy scenes and questions left and oh so many actors for each scene to depart.

And it is now opening night on the play for today and I am all a ball of nerves like a first kiss of love.

Will it go well, will everyone remember their lines I worked so hard to write and speak them well?

Please let all the props be where they are supposed to be and curtains rise and fall when they are timed.

It is the curtain rising and I can do no more to help this work go well as I get to stand in the stage side; hidden behind the curtain; holding my breath as each actor and actress I have trusted with their oh so important roles in the play.

Today is the day after and I wait with bated breath for the news of make or break in performance.

The paper out now and I turn to the page where my ratings of the people, places, and things I chose.

I start to peruse for opinions of what they saw last night and yesterday throughout the lengthy piece.

And there it is, my baby, my play; and the numbers are high from all fronts it would seem; everyone loved what I had done; creativity of the caliber of a well versed play right, and I take my bow and lend my arm to encompass all of you who came to see and play.

Author: Maureen Everick

Let’s Find You Positive In Me

I am finding me positive wherever I am and it amazes me all the time.

I thought I could not be in awe or amazed anymore and then I look and see…

The dew on the plants in the morning, glistening like tiny raindrops,

The sun shining more brightly than before like yellow gold,

The person next to me seeming more loving than ever,

And the moon comes out in a full circle like he is just for me.

I am finding me so more in gratitude wherever I go and it still amazes me…

That this much gratitude can be for just me and all mine alone,

That this is the way I never thought my life could be, my tiny raindrops glistening,

Falling down my cheeks as I become overwhelmed with this life of mine,

And there I am with you, going for some air and scent and breath,

The path less chosen is the right one just for me.

I am finding more love than I know what to do with all the time.

I thought I could never be this lovable as I stand in awe of you and I see…

The life you live through your eyes as tiny raindrops fall from your eyes,

And hearts just seem to float around you like they are connected to you.

And the person next to you seems to love you more than ever,

For I am finding me positive where I am and it amazes me all the time.

Let me find you more positive than you ever thought you could all the time.

You thought that it couldn’t be so for you, but I see in you…

The glass is more than half-full and you are ready to drink its nectar,

The sun and moon will come out each day just for you too.

The person right next to you can bring you tears glistening, and hope,

For I can be the person next to you too, finding you positive too.

So, please let me into your world, close to you and let me amaze you too.

Let me be the one who can rise to the job as your trusted friend…

As the person who knows that the sun always rises and sets,

As the person who sees the dew on the plants as glistening raindrops for you,

As the one who will show you the way to your heart, with the map that I have,

As the friend you now need, always wanted, and now believe.

Author: Maureen Everick

You And I Became We

Somewhere along the way; I became we

I found problems, we solved problems

I got into trouble; we got me out of trouble

I got hurt; we repaired me

And we loved me through it all.

Somewhere along the way; you became we

You had problems, we fixed those problems

You got into trouble; we got you out of trouble

You got hurt; we repaired you

And we loved you through it all.

And now as we go along our way; becoming our today

Each moment is now ours, not yours or mine

Each day is filled with our as we go into each day

We fix and repair and keep us safe

And we love each other through it all.

And somewhere along the way; we will become you or I again

As life takes one of us many years from now

And each moment will hurt like hell

And each day will pass and go into the next

As we remember our love and its strength

And we will still love each other through it all.

Author: Maureen Everick

What I Got When I Wished, I Did

While I am grateful for the good memories and hateful for the bad,

You will not see me cry, hear my tears, or feel my pain

You will not win this one, not today.

Today someone else looks at me with love and life,

They see my smiles, hear my laughter, and feel my warmth.

And when I went to sleep last night, they were the one I thought about, not you

And when I woke this morning they were the one I saw, not you.

And this is what I wished.

While I will always be grateful for the things you taught me

Like how to hurt my feelings, make me cry, make me wish I was

Someone else, like you said so many times, and how to feel ugly as

You picked at me about my most insecure parts that now don’t seem so bad.

Like how to hit and be hit, get stronger than I ever thought I could be as

I walked and crawled through life, always wishing you would just be nice to me.

Like how to hide bruises and marks and pain and self-hatred because I was

Hating me too for staying with you; for so long not knowing what wrong really was.

And this is what I got.

While I am grateful for my great memories today; I’m not hateful for the bad,

You will not get to see me cry, hear my tears, or feel my pain

Because today I won this one; yes I did.

Today I look at me with love and life,

I see my smiles, hear my laughter, and feel my warmth.

And when I go to sleep at night, I am the one I think about, not you

And when I wake in the morning I am the one I see, not you.

And this is what I did.

Author: Maureen Everick

I Never Forgot

I never forgot how it looked to see your eyes dancing with desire and love when we were starting out and life was all fun, full of games and free.

I never forgot how it felt to be held by you and touched by you in the beginning when we were new and love was a bright, shiny object.

I never forgot how it sounded when we were filled with the passion and heat when we were filling our days and nights with kindness, wonder, and respect.

And then I never forgot how it ended, feeling the anguish and pain when we were at our end and full of regret and hatred masked as hurt.

And then I never forgot how it went away, long before we ended the life we had when we were at the parting of our seas when love was gone.

I always tried to remember the beginning when you made me feel like a million bucks and your lady in red and the magical illusion we created that was not really either of us.

I always tried to remember the best parts of our middle when I wanted you to feel you could trust me and I would take care of you.

I always tried to remember only the kind words from your mouth, the loving looks from your eyes as we tried to hang on in the end.

And then I would remember how it ended, always trying to be the first to make the call, be the first to do payback.

And then I could not forget the look in your eyes and my eyes as we gave up and gave into the end and the over that this life must be.

Now, I remember, the good and great times we had; the precious gifts you gave me back then; making me feel like I was worthwhile and loved.

Now, I remember, the ugly always after the good; the pain we were in every day; stuck in this circle of life and lost.

Now, I remember, how hard we tried and how much we wanted to get off the wheel and save our love and each other.

And, now I remember that there was real love at the heart of our then; we just covered and masked it with pain and hurt and anger and fear.

And today I remember the good, the bad, and the ugly for the real that it was; for the real it became, and for the real it died for.

Author: Maureen Everick

I Don’t Have To Cry Today

You won’t see me cry, hear my tears, feel my pain.

You won’t get to wipe the tears or make them go away.

You won’t be the one who finds the smile through those tears.

You won’t be the one to help me heal from the wounds you gave.

You just won’t be the one to see what giving me security and safety does.

I will never cry for you, think of you, ache for you.

I will never let you wipe my tears or make them go away.

I will never show you the smile through my tears.

I will never let you help to heal the wounds you gave.

I just will not be the one you see with security and safety in my life.

He has seen me cry, heard my tears, felt my pain.

He has wiped the tears and made them go away.

He has been the one who finds the smiles through my tears.

He has been the one to help me heal from the wounds you gave.

He just is the one that gets to see what giving me security and safety has done.

I don’t have to cry today or hide my tears or feel this pain.

I don’t have to wipe the tears anymore or make them go away.

I don’t have to force a smile through my tears.

I don’t have to heal wounds because he doesn’t give them to me.

I do know how to be free to feel secure and safe in my life.

Author: Maureen Everick

My hope is that somewhere in one of these you find something that reflects me and touches your soul. Should that be the case, please like, share, follow and be sure to comment as I love reading the comments you write.

 As has been my committal since the New Year to find commonalities; this week will be no different. This week the word is passion. We all share the trait of passion. Whether it is for our lives, our jobs, our children, our hobbies makes no difference. We do all share the ability to feel passionate about something.

This week I am going to try and remind others and myself about their and my passions and I hope you do the same. Enjoy the week, whatever that looks like for you.

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About the author: Maureen Everick

I am 57 years old or young depending on the weather, my body, home, Google, the moon, my husband, and many other details in my life. I have a great job as a Clinic Coordinator for The Nova Scotia Cancer Center in Halifax; but still want to win the lotto and retire now. I am a recovering addict and recently (in December) celebrated nine years clean. I truly know how grateful I am to be alive and how much loyalty and honesty and positivity mean to me. And yes, positivity is a word. I checked with me. Thank you for coming to my blog and sharing my life with me through the positive to the funny to the shake your head 'seriously' moments. If I post anything that makes any part of your day better; even a moment; I am grateful for that. In this world today any reason to smile or laugh is positive.

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