This Was All That I Was Then

And this is all I am. What a revelation to have. I have spent my whole life thinking ‘this is all that I am’. As far back as I can remember as a child; the occurring theme has always been this is all that I am. Every traumatic experience in my life and I...


So I am realizing that a rant is just like a rat with an ‘n’.  However, both a rant and a rat do bring about the same picture. Neither is very aesthetically pleasing, and both can be large and intimidating. And we are off and running with rats and rants this week. I have spent most of my...

My Life in Poetry

So, here it is Sunday and I am at work on a couple of pieces that are just not completed and I wanted to give me the time to end them correctly and with all of my heart in there. I also did not want to miss sending our Sunday meeting of mind and...

Behind Those Eyes

There was a time, many nights and lives ago; that I looked into her eyes and was completely stunned and paralyzed with what she showed me as she stared back at me. I could not look away or even walk away because I wanted to know why she was so full of pain and...

Taking My Life Back!

I do believe this week is going to go where this woman has not gone before. I am going to reveal a very real and personal moment that I did not want to think, admit, or own a damn diagnosis that apparently I have. I am cursing in my head as I write this...

The Process And My Head

First, I must apologize for the lateness of this week’s piece. It didn’t seem to want to write itself or be of any assistance as I tried three different angles. It turns out, as per usual that they were not the right topic for today. How many times this has happened; I cannot even...

OMG! I’m Turning Old!

And I just realized that I am about ready to turn fifty-seven years old this year and I am working on ten years clean. That is making this year a very important piece of my puzzle I call life. I look at where I am at in my life and where I may very...
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