My Life in Poetry

So, here it is Sunday and I am at work on a couple of pieces that are just not completed and I wanted to give me the time to end them correctly and with all of my heart in there. I also did not want to miss sending our Sunday meeting of mind and...

Behind Those Eyes

There was a time, many nights and lives ago; that I looked into her eyes and was completely stunned and paralyzed with what she showed me as she stared back at me. I could not look away or even walk away because I wanted to know why she was so full of pain and...

Taking My Life Back!

I do believe this week is going to go where this woman has not gone before. I am going to reveal a very real and personal moment that I did not want to think, admit, or own a damn diagnosis that apparently I have. I am cursing in my head as I write this...

The Process And My Head

First, I must apologize for the lateness of this week’s piece. It didn’t seem to want to write itself or be of any assistance as I tried three different angles. It turns out, as per usual that they were not the right topic for today. How many times this has happened; I cannot even...

OMG! I’m Turning Old!

And I just realized that I am about ready to turn fifty-seven years old this year and I am working on ten years clean. That is making this year a very important piece of my puzzle I call life. I look at where I am at in my life and where I may very...

Relapse Is Not My Option

I often ask myself what I do differently than those who keep relapsing. I know that I am always one step either way from either the relapse or one step closer to keeping my recovery safe. I almost want to tread lightly through the broken glass that surrounds me as I once again watch...

Where Oh Where Has MY Timing Gone

And I am feeling a bit saggy, like a wet diaper this week. It is like I cannot get ahead of the game. As I continue to struggle with time constraints, poor time management skills, and the ever-present not enough hours in my day/week/month/life; well you can see how much of a roller coaster...
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