My Passionate Soul

Oh, the passion in my soul is rising up once again to let me know that it is true and real and honest and huge. That is who I am today; actually, it was always me. Passion has caused me great pain over the years but it has also given me the best moments...

My Motivating Fears

I am going to start out a new piece rather late in the day, but I just cannot seem to muster the heart to continue with the one I had almost finished. That is the true reality of my day in the life of my head. I get to wake up to not being...

When Arrogance Is In Our Hearts

Can you hear what I hear? Can you hear the sound? Can you hear the sound of arrogance? Can you hear the sound of arrogance around you? Can you hear the sound of arrogance within you? This week I am going to talk about arrogance and its demise of friendships, love, and family. Arrogance...

When Is My Here Enough

When there just may not be enough. After thinking I needed a bit of time to myself to focus on me and where I am; well, this is what comes to mind. Is my here enough? Would making changes change the here and the there to satisfy my heart and soul? Would staying the...

This Was All That I Was Then

And this is all I am. What a revelation to have. I have spent my whole life thinking ‘this is all that I am’. As far back as I can remember as a child; the occurring theme has always been this is all that I am. Every traumatic experience in my life and I...
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